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Frontier Communications Provides the High Speed Internet You Need

Frontier Communications is the leader in high speed Internet in your area. Amongst the top five DSL Internet service providers in the nation and the sixth largest landline telephone provider, Frontier also offers fiber Internet service in select markets. In addition to the best Internet where you live and top quality landline service, the company offers bundle packages for convenience and cost savings.

Frontier Communications Brings You Superior Internet

Instead of just one type of Internet service, Frontier Communications offers consumers DSL and fiber optic Internet. Whichever type of Internet is offered in your area comes in a variety of plans, so there is something that will fit your needs precisely. That means you get the right speed to do the things you want to do online, without data caps, and at a price you can afford.

Frontier Internet brings great features to consumers in all 28 states in its service area. The impressive prices we offer are locked in for 3 years, so you don’t have to worry about price hikes. And there are no contracts with Frontier Communications plans, so you are not tied down if you don’t want or need service any longer.

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Internet and Phone Service

Enjoy the Best in Home Phone Service From Frontier Communications

Home landline telephone service from Frontier Communications gives you a connection to the outside world, one that is necessary in the case of emergencies. It is available when you need it most, when power outages occur, and in the case of danger. Because it is a landline, the 911 dispatcher who receives your call will automatically know your location, saving time for first responders.

Frontier Communications delivers crystal clear reception, competitive long distance, all starting at $30.99 monthly. Such landline services are more competitively priced than cell phones and may even give you the opportunity to reduce your monthly cell phone bill.

Discover the Best Choice in Home Entertainment

Frontier Communications has partnered with DIRECTV to bring you the very best choice in home entertainment. The cutting edge Genie HD DVR, premium channels, local programming and exceptional customer service are all a part of the DIRECTV experience. You get the choice of a variety of plans, in order to find an ideal fit for your budget and your home. Getting started is easy as you never have to deal with upfront costs.

HBO, Starz, Showtime, Cinemax and NFL Sunday Ticket are complimentary for the first three months of your new DIRECTV service with most plans. Create a bundle package with Internet and/or phone service for convenience and savings.

Choose Frontier today. Call our customer care line now at 1-866-820-1189 and speak to one of our knowledgeable team members for all the information you need.

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