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Shorts: Ha Ha Funny/Strange Part 1 (2:00:00) (1) Hot Sex and Stan (2) Intermission (3) Tea Time (4) Husband School (5) Pol Pot's Birthday (6) Ends of the Alphabet (7) Earl's Your Uncle (8) Maestro

Fairfax 3
7907 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Wednesday, Oct. 27, 2004
12:45 PM  - 2:45 PM

Shorts Program: Ha Ha Funny/Strange Part 1

(1) Hot Sex and Stan : A frustrated young man responds to an ad in the personals seeking 'Adult Fun: short and hairy a definite turn on' ...just the ticket for dear old Stan. Shot in black and white, the film is a silent comedy, complete with intertitles a la Harold Lloyd.
David Barlia
Caterina Turroni
James Albrecht WRITER/DIRECTOR: David Barlia

(2) Intermission : Set in a woman's restroom, 'Intermission' is a comedic peek behind closed doors into the overly busy lives of women. Though all of the women are not aware of it, they are most busy during moments carved out for rest, all too busy living to have a real life.
Julie Brown
Joanna Cassidy
Danica McKellar
WRITER/DIRECTOR: Laura Cayouette

(3) Tea Time : In War, nothing is as it seems. One particular starving and dehydrated Soldier has endured a very long campaign on the battlefield. He spots a Gentleman dressed in a smoking jacket with an ascot reading a newspaper. The Soldier targets a delicious baked goodie on the tea table.
Jonathan Mangum
Joel McCrary WRITER/DIRECTOR: Jay Bogdanowitsch

(4) Husband School: Great husbands are not born, they are made. Ray's father sends him to a top-secret facility where young men are trained to survive on that most treacherous of battlefields...marriage. Welcome to Husband School.
Chris Becker WRITER/DIRECTOR: J.P. Pierce

(5) Pol Pot's Birthday : The office staff of the most brutal dictator on earth attempts to throw a surprise party for their boss.
Keone Young
Murphy Tan
Peter Luong
Luoc Lee
Jerry Livan
Domnang Pin
Ken Lih WRITER/DIRECTOR: Talmage Cooley

(6) Ends of the Alphabet: Jackson Abbott is a hard-boiled detective in 1953 Los Angeles. When Helen Talmadge, the daughter of Las Vegas Millionaire Lionel Talmadge comes to him for help, Abbott finds himself caught up in a web of murder and deceit.

This archetypical film noir story is presented in 'Hand-O-Rama,' and features a cast of unique puppets.
Eric Kurland
Victoria E. Lee
Jodi Kurland WRITER/DIRECTOR: Eric Kurland

(7) Earl's Your Uncle : Geary, an aspiring hood/late shift donut fryer, is guilt-tripped by his crotchety one-armed uncle Earl into faking his own death. His reluctant assent sets into motion a half-assed scheme to fleece the Gerber Baby Life Insurance Company, and provide Earl the funds to escort his supafly girlfriend Sheena to Kalapana-Puna to see the bottlenose dolphins. When the corpse they use to fake Geary's death turns out to be a late, but beloved, Lieutenant of the local Jewish crime lord, all doody breaks loose.
Larrs Jackson
Andy Allen
Elwood Carlisle
Karen McClain DIRECTOR: Thomas L. Phillips WRITER: Jared Tweedie

(8) Maestro: 'Maestro' is the story of Tim Healy (Played by Saturday Night Live's Seth Meyers), a young man whose life's dream it was to become the greatest orchestral conductor in the world. The centerpiece of the story is an impossibly complicated symphony entitled 'Air'. It was ostensibly written in 1814 by a destitute composer whose foul disposition and ultimate suicide leaves the piece forever cursed. The curse of 'Air' plagues all who attempt to conduct the piece. Tim Healy dedicates his life to the pursuit of orchestral perfection.
Seth Meyers - Saturday Night Live WRITER/DIRECTOR: Doug Stradley

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