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BlogHer Conference '06

Hyatt San Jose
1740 North First Street
San Jose, CA 95112
Friday, Jul. 28, 2006 - Saturday, Jul. 29, 2006
7:30 AM  - 9:00 PM

The second annual BlogHer Conference will take place on July 28th and 29th, 2006, in San Jose, CA.

Last year we sought to answer the question 'where are the women bloggers?' And did so with a resounding 'We're right here!.' This year we're asking our community: 'How is your blog changing your world?' Blogs are helping people change their own lives, and impact their families, their businesses, their communities and the world.

This year the conference expands to two full days. Day One will be focused on hands-on instructional sessions and workshops, mostly of a technical nature. (Full Day One schedule: here.) Day Two will explore the conversation, the community and the culture of blogging. (Full Day Two schedule: here.)

Held at the convenient Hyatt San Jose, which is offering a convenient low rate to BlogHers (limited availability at $75/night!) the conference will be a mix of networking, learning and connection that will serve our larger BlogHer Mission of providing an opportunity for education, exposure and community for wired women around the world.

BlogHims and Blog Beginners are indeed welcome at BlogHer. Last year about 20% of our attendees were men, and 10% of our attendees were not blogging yet. We would be happy for both numbers to increase.

Go to BlogHer for more information.

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