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Ethnic Studies 40 Years Later: Race, Resistance and Relevance




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The College of Ethnic Studies

Ethnic Studies 40 Years Later: Race, Resistance and Relevance
October 7-10, 2009

The College of Ethnic Studies (CoES) at San Francisco State University (SF State) invites you to attend a conference marking the founding of The College and the emergence of the field of Ethnic Studies. In 1969, the inauguration of the first College of Ethnic Studies was accompanied by the birth of other Ethnic Studies initiatives, programs, centers and departments at universities and colleges around the world.

Scholars from seven countries and 35 universities will present
papers, panels, roundtable discussions, workshops and performances. This conference will offer an exciting exploration of the contributions, developments, and challenges in Ethnic Studies research and practice through the following themes:

1. Where is Ethnic Studies in the world today, and what are the similarities and differences between our contemporary goals and those that led to the creation of the field?

2. How are social justice pedagogies relevant to the field of Ethnic Studies?

3. What strategies allow for inclusion of a full range of ethnic experiences, philosophical perspectives, and methods, analytical frameworks within the field?

4. How might recent events such as restrictions of civil liberties domestically and internationally, the election of Barack Obama, ongoing wars, and the international economic crisis affect the field of Ethnic Studies and the centering of race relations?

Your hosts:  The College of Ethnic Studies; the departments of Africana, American Indian, Asian American and Raza Studies; Race and Resistance Studies Initiative (RRS) and Arab Muslim Ethnicities and Diaspora Initiative (AMED); and the Cesar Chavez Institute

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