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US Green Building Council, Iowa Chapter - Annual Membership Meeting

Location: Date:
Des Moines Botanical Center
909 Robert D. Ray Drive
Des Moines, IA 50316
Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009
11:30 AM  - 1:30 PM

GREEN CLEANING - Now that LEED Certified building construction is happening all over the Country, in record numbers, the need for Operating and Maintaining the LEED Certified facilities has become an essential part of realized sustainability.  One of the areas that seems to be thought of as basic and less important is the area of Green Cleaning.  The reality is that the Cleaning of the facility impacts the indoor air quality enormously and if we are going to be a resource to the building owners in this area of green buildings, we need to have the knowledge or at least the knowledge of a referral to be able to get them information in all areas of Operations and Maintenance.  The Green Cleaning area is one of the “low hanging fruit” opportunities in the area of green buildings.  It is a very low cost way to really begin to make a difference in a facility.  We will go over the requirements stated in the LEED 2009 O&M standards and show a simple way to create a partnership in a building with all service providers that are providing service in one particular facility.


Presented by Joe Johnson, Vice President of Sales and Operations for ServiceMaster Green and a LEED AP since 2006. 

ServiceMaster Green is the third largest ServiceMaster franchise in North America serving Des Moines for more than 29 years.  Currently ServiceMaster cleans more than 10,000,000 square feet of commercial space each night in the Des Moines metro area and is one of only two companies in Iowa to offer GreenSeal GS-42 Certified services.  Joe developed the Go Green GS-42 Partnership program in 2008 and has implemented the program in commercial facilities in Des Moines. Program includes lunch. $20 for USGBC Iowa Members and $30 for Non-Members.

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