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2700 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054
Saturday, Sep. 15, 2012 - Sunday, Sep. 16, 2012
9:00 AM  - 9:00 PM


This is a brand new conference dedicated to providing a cutting-edge forum for researchers from around the country to share their information and experiences into the widely varying field of UFO research, which can include anomalous aerial craft sightings from around the world, UFO crash sites, alien and military encounters and abductions, alien implants, UFO history, conspiracies and cover-ups, crop circles and other "meta" events, and so many more UFO/alien-related topics.

This is all done, like its companion event CONSPIRACY CON, with a total sense of safety, trust and fun.  And, like CONSPIRACY CON, it is a one-lecture room conference with a single exhibit room.  There are no extra workshops, so there is nothing to miss, and there are, therefore, no extra hidden charges.  2012 will be the host year for our flag event to occur on September 15th & 16th, and we look forward to having you join us for what we, indeed, are positive is the premiere UFO conference in California's San Francisco Bay Area.  See you there !!!

Not Available for Booking
This activity has already ended.

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