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Can Science Improvise? Exploring What the Improvisational Arts Bring to Science

Location: Date:
SF State University, Downtown Campus
835 Market Street, Room 619
San Francisco, CA 94103
Monday, Dec. 17, 2012
7:15 PM  - 9:15 PM

What happens when you combine the playfulness of improvisation with the rigor of science? The Life Performance Coaching Center which leads people from all walks of life in a performance-based approach to human development is pleased to host Dr. Raquell M. Holmes founder of improvscience. Holmes has been bringing the discoveries in human development and performance to researchers and educators in many areas of science including biology and computing sciences.

In this exploration for scientists and those interested in creativity and development, participants are introduced to what the improvisational arts bring to science. Learning to build with the contributions of others and see opportunities for improvisational conversation helps us to take risks and discover new ways of seeing each other and our work.

Come and play as we break down the social barriers that can inhibit creativity, exploration and discovery.

Led by Dr. Raquell Holmes and Helen Abel, LCSW

Fee: In advance - $15 At the Door - $20

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This activity has already ended.

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