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Frontier Communications in Toms River, NJ brings you the most dependable speeds and top quality service you expect from one of the leading Internet service providers in the country. Increasingly, high speed Internet is seen as a utility instead of a luxury. Frontier Communications makes that utility affordable. With bundle pricing, you can save on home phone service and DIRECTV, as well as your high speed Internet.

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Amongst the 5 biggest ISPs in the country, Frontier Communications offers superior, high speed Internet to those in Toms River. The always available broadband connection that you get with every plan lets you do anything you want to do anytime. Skype, stream music or video, play online games, use social media and more, without a concern for waiting on downloads, lag time, or data caps.

A price guarantee good for 3 years is just one of the perks with Frontier Internet. You never have to sign a contract, and you get a free wireless router with it. The benefit of 24/7 customer service is all yours. With all this and more, Frontier outshines the competition.

  • For $39.99 per month, you can get high speed Internet with speeds as high as 12 Mbps.
  • For $47.98 per month, you can get Internet with speeds as high as 6 Mbps and landline phone service with unlimited local calling.
  • For $84.99 per month, you can get 50 Mbps fiber optic Internet and FiOS Fiber TV service.
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Get Frontier Communications Bundles

Frontier Communications does more than Internet service. It also offers landline home phone service and DIRECTV service. In order to get the best price possible on any of these services, simply choose a bundle package and you are instantly eligible for the most competitive prices offered. You save money on the cost of multiple home services and get the convenience of one bill each month.

Check Out Frontier Phone Service in Toms River

Landline phone service from Frontier in Toms River comes with over 80 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. Consumers have been cancelling landline service in favor of Internet phones and cell phone service. However, more recently they are shifting back towards landline service as users are discovering lower landline phone rates than ever before, and none of the reliability and reception issues that are common with cell phones. Frontier consumers also no longer need to be concerned with overage fees, exceeding minutes or dropped calls.

Landline phones also keep you safer. When someone at your home calls 911, the operators who answer that call can easily see your location if you call from a landline phone. This is not the case with cell phones and Internet phones, which take more time for you to be located. In addition, with landline phones, you always have service even in the case of a power outage.

Frontier phone service always gives you unlimited local calls, premium features and the choice of itemized or flat rate long distance calls.

Frontier Communications Phone Service
DIRECTV Rounds Out Your Bundle Packages

In Toms River, DIRECTV is the #1 choice for satellite TV. Frontier partners with DIRECTV in order to bring its customers great TV service. Frontier chose DIRECTV because of its commitment to quality that parallels Frontier Communications’ commitment.

DIRECTV has more than 315 channels, more sports channels, Spanish lineups, and channels in multiple languages. The Genie HD-DVR is the cutting edge technology that comes with DIRECTV plans. It allows customers to record as many as 5 rooms simultaneously and save hundreds of hours of entertainment. Use the DIRECTV app to take your TV service anywhere you go.

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