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Frontier Communications brings DSL and fiber Internet to consumers in 28 states. It is the 5th largest DSL provider in the nation and a leading fiber optic Internet provider. Its services outperform cable Internet, satellite Internet and dial-up Internet in price, speed, reliability, and accessibility. Say goodbye to waiting on your Internet connection, with Frontier Internet you have a connection that’s always on and always fast.

Discover DSL Internet Plans

  • The most popular Frontier Internet plan is the 3 Mbps download speed plan which is only $19.99 monthly, when you bundle it with telephone service.
  • The 6 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload plan – Simply Broadband Max - is only $29.99 for subscribers who choose auto-pay.
  • The 12 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload plan – Simply Broadband Ultra – is $39.99 for subscribers choosing auto-pay.
  • The 24 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload plan – Simply Broadband Ultimate – is $49.99 when subscribers choose auto-play.
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Fios Fiber Internet Offers the Best Speeds Anywhere

Frontier Communications now offers FiOS Fiber Internet in select markets throughout the nation. The Fiber to the Home (FTTH) connection brings speeds of up to 1 Gigabit for uploads and downloads. These types of speeds allow you to do more than ever before. Rates for these plans start at $55.98 per month for speeds of up to 30 Mbps, when it is paired with voice service including unlimited local and nationwide calling. Create your own triple play bundles with Fiber Internet, FiOS TV and FiOS home phone service for more savings and convenience.

Save with Frontier Bundle Packaging

The easiest way to get the best possible price on your Internet service is to choose bundle packaging from Frontier Communications. Our most competitive prices are exclusively available when you bundle Internet, home phone, and/or DIRECTV services into one convenient plan. We stand behind our exceptional Internet and phone service, as well as our choice of DIRECTV as a partner provider of the best TV service available where you live. Compare the cost of Frontier bundle packaging for the Internet plan of your choice today.

Frontier Communications brings top speeds in Internet service to homes in urban and rural areas, including under-served parts of the country. With the speed we deliver, you can enjoy the things you’ve always wanted to do online. Stay connected with social media, Skype and email; do online gaming; stream Netflix; and shop online from home.

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Frontier Communications Advantages
  • Technical support 24/7 comes free of charge with all plans.
  • You get a wireless router when your new plan.
  • No contracts are required with Frontier Communications plans.
  • Prices are locked in for 3 years.