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Frontier Communications Home Phone Service

Frontier Communications brings quality home phone service backed by 80 years of experience. In the business of home landline phone service since 1935, Frontier has kept up with the times and now brings you superior home phone service with premium features and competitive pricing, as well as the best Internet options where you live. With Frontier phone service you never have to deal with lag time, and our prices are far less expensive than cell phone plans.

Get the ultimate in dependability and security with a Frontier Communications home phone connection. The price of our premium phone plan is $30.99 and includes unlimited local and nationwide calls. For only $19.99 more, you can create a bundle package with premium phone service and Frontier 6 Mbps Internet service.

Check Out the Impressive Frontier Phone Features

When you get Frontier home landline service, you get an impressive lineup of phone features, to meet your every need.

  • Caller ID
  • Call waiting
  • Voicemail
  • Unlimited free local Calling
  • Fixed rate unlimited nationwide long distance calls or super-low long distance rates for all nationwide calls – your choice.
Nationwide Landline Phone Service
Home Phone Service

Stay Safer with Frontier Communications Phone Service

With the rise in cell phone use and Internet phone service, many consumers have chosen to move away from landline home phone service in order to save money. However, landlines are more reasonably priced than ever, and offer you the added benefits of having a built-in security feature.

A 911 phone call from a landline ensures you get the fastest emergency response time possible. 911 operators immediately see your address on their screens when you call from a landline phone. With calls from cell phones and Internet phones, it takes extra time to locate you. This delay could cause disaster because of slower response time.

Enjoy Quality Phone Service

Frontier home phone service gives you a choice of low long-distance rates or fixed rate unlimited nationwide calling, in addition to always unlimited local calls. You never have to worry about overage fees or running out of minutes, like you do with a cell phone. With all the benefits a landline offers you at an incredibly low price, you can even choose to move to a more affordable cell phone package, because you’ll find that you use it less. Stay in touch without breaking the bank, and keep your home safer with a Frontier home landline.

Affordable Phone Service
Save Big with Home Phone Bundles

All the exceptional features of Frontier Communications home phone service make it a favorite amongst those in our service area. Choose the plan that best suits your household and bundle it with Frontier Internet and/or DIRECTV for savings and convenience. You get the best prices possible on Frontier services when you choose a Frontier bundle package.